Going to the Ledge

In December last year, we had the pleasure as being recognised as official visitors to Manitoba by the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba. The three of us hopped in a car with our coach Lorne and made the short trip up to Winnipeg. Our day started with a tour of the Manitoba Legislature Building where the assembly is based. The building features two massive bison statues, huge columns, and is nearly 100 years old! Thanks to Garion for taking some photos inside.

During the tour, we were treated to far too much information about the building and it’s history. We learnt about the construction of the legislature, where the number 13 was integrated everywhere into the structure of the building. It’s honestly everywhere, from the number of columns, to number of lights in a hallway, to the number of weird knobbly things around a door frame. This was thought to “trick” bad luck into leaving the building alone, as it thought it was already inside. My favourite story had to be where the builder thought it’d be a great idea to nick a few of the columns and display them on his front lawn. Would you believe he got caught?

After the tour (and a brief slice of pizza at the Legislature cafeteria) we were through the metal detectors and in session at the Legislature. During this there were a number of people recognised for their achievements, including Adoption Options Manitoba, for their services to birth and adoptive families, an 11-year-old violinist who was winning all sorts of awards, and Greg Ewasko (who you might remember from the Dekalb SuperSpiel post) for being named head ice maker for Canada. It was an honour to be recognised among these people, but also quite funny that hearing we were from NZ drew a gasp from the assorted Legislature. Guess we’re more of a novelty than we realise 😛

A huge thanks to Lorne Hamblin and his many contacts at the Legislature for setting both the tour and ceremony up, it was a very cool experience for us to take part in. Here’s hoping they still want us visiting at the end of our time here!

Return of the Kiwis

After our visit to the legislature, we heard tell on Facebook of an outdoor curling tournament in the legislature grounds. This turned out to be the 19th Annual Ironman Outdoor Curling Bonspiel! It’s a not for profit event raising money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and is held each year in February in Winnipeg Manitoba. Needless to say we entered straight away!

It runs from the 7th to the 9th of February and is played in some pretty tough conditions, depending on the wind chill that weekend. We’re hoping that our experience on Auckland ice will serve us well on what could be some tricky sheets. If anyone wants to donate to the Heart and Stroke Foudnation, our team donation link is here: http://ironmancurling.com/donate/?team=9309. We’re also lacking a funny team name so please comment if you have any ideas, we may be able to get it changed as entries are not finalised.

We’ll keep you updated as the event approaches!

What’s Next?

Tonight we have our last two round robin games of the South Central Super League, so hopefully today I’ll get a blog up telling you what that’s all about (unlikely if I’m being honest). We’re also only a week out from the Manitoba Open! Our first team gym session with our new personal trainer is next Wednesday so we definitely have enough time to get in shape…

Until next time, Mā Te Wā – Benji

Published by benjicurl

I am a curler from NZ looking to grow my skills in order to compete on the world stage. I am currently spending 6 months in Canada at the Cargill Training Centre to try and reach my goal of making the NZ Men's Curling Team.

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