And Sargon Makes Three

Yes you read that right! We’ve been joined by Brett Sargon in Morris, and he’s settled straight in to Canadian life.

A Man Of Many Skills

For our readers who don’t know Brett personally, he’s a pretty multi-talented guy. To assert his dominance within the team structure, he ventured out onto the ice at halftime during a charity hockey game, and sunk a shot from halfway:

Other ways in which Brett likes to flex on us include table tennis (pictured below) and being undefeated in the club stick league (until he lost, that is).

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Despite all the hype about Brett being here, he’s actually not here right now. Brett has been taking advantage of the holidays to catch up with loved ones in New York for Christmas and New Years (I think he just couldn’t face the very mild Canadian Christmas we had).

Garion and I spent the holiday break mostly chasing various Hamblins around (our coaches’ grandkids) whether that be around the living room or up and down the toboggan hill. We spent Christmas day with them too, and tucked into a potluck at the Brandt family gathering on Boxing day. We were overwhelmed with how welcoming everyone was over Christmas, with Hamblins, Brandts, Mazinkes, and many more inviting us as family to spend time with them. Thanks to everyone who thought of us over the holidays!

Taking a break from tobogganing to snap a photo with Santa Claus!

Merry Christmas to all our readers, especially our family and friends back home! We all miss you lots, thank you for supporting us in chasing our dreams. We hope you had a good New Years, even if you mistakenly celebrated it a day early!

What’s Next?

Updates to come on the South Central Super League, our trip to the Manitoba Legislature, and our plans for 2020. Also we’ve all moved in together so that’ll be a laugh. This definitely means that the blogs will be coming thick and fast next year, as the lads are closer to beat me up if I’m not working on them. Feel free to give me feedback or suggestions!

Now that there might be some actual content, I’d recommend you subscribe via email so you don’t have to trust in my incredibly erratic upload schedule!

Until next time, Mā Te Wā – Benji

Published by benjicurl

I am a curler from NZ looking to grow my skills in order to compete on the world stage. I am currently spending 6 months in Canada at the Cargill Training Centre to try and reach my goal of making the NZ Men's Curling Team.

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